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When the unthinkable happens, you could be anywhere. At home, asleep, at school, at the beach or in your back yard. Chances are you won’t be in front of a television or listening to the radio. With IWARN, it doesn’t matter where you are or even if you are awake. IWARN can notify you immediately of impending danger and provide instructions that could save your life.

IWARN is connected to every emergency management and 911 center in the communities we serve. The National Weather Service, Police and Fire Departments all depend on IWARN to inform the public when disaster is about to strike.

Here’s How IWARN Works:

1. When a situation arises and the public needs to be notified, IWARN is contacted with detailed information and instructions by local, state or NWS officials.

2. IWARN verifies the information and broadcasts the message to the residents in the affected county or region.

3. Within seconds, everyone in that county with an IWARN compatible alpha pager, cellular or PCS telephone is notified of the emergency situation. They receive detailed instructions of what is happening and what to do about it.

Whether it’s a school evacuation, a factory fire, a tornado warning or any emergency situation, IWARN gets the information first and gets the warning out fast.

IWARN is a service of National Network Communications, Inc. and your local IWARN licensed carrier.

Because IWARN messages are written rather than spoken, IWARN is especially valuable to the deaf community, also.